Types of Weight Lifting Equipment

Weightlifting equipment makes exercising fun, provides a challenge for all fitness levels, helps prevent injuries, and develops strength, coordination, balance, and stamina. The basic equipment that you need for your workout includes: weights (both dumbbells and barbells), a bench, a bar, racks for holding different weight sets (like leg press, shoulder press, chest press, etc. ), a dip kit, a towel, and a workout routine and program. Here are some essential tips on how to choose the right exercise equipment for you and your lifestyle.

The dumbbell is the main piece of home or work-out weight lifting equipment. As with any other dumbbells, there are several variations of dumbbells that are available at most sports equipment or department stores. The main difference between the various styles of dumbbells is the length of the handles. Long handled dumbbells have handles that are almost five feet long; the shorter ones are about three feet long. Long handled dumbbells are great for people who are not tall enough to easily handle short handled dumbbells, while short handled dumbbells are ideal for athletes or people with shorter arms.

The barbell and dumbbells form the core of a comprehensive workout or weight lifting equipment regimen. The barbell, as its name implies, is the handle of the dumbbell that you will use for many exercises. The barbell’s longer handle is great for intensive workouts, like bench pressing or bicep curls. The longer handles also provide more leverage, which means that more muscles will be activated during your workout, making the exercise more effective and more strenuous. Long barbells are also ideal for those who don’t have a lot of space for extra benches or weights.

Another piece of Barbell Weight lifting equipment used commonly by most people in gyms or fitness clubs is the dumbbell. The dumbbell set will include about a hundred to four hundred dumbbells, varying in length and width. It has a hole in one end, so that the weights can be hung on the wall or simply stacked above the other end. The dumbbells are the fundamental building blocks of most weight lifting programs, since they allow for a variety of exercises such as curls and shoulder presses.

Weight lifting straps are another piece of gym and fitness equipment that you can buy. There are many different types of weightlifting straps, including flat, wide, and reverse weight straps. A wide strap is similar to the flat type, but it has a wider handle for more stability. A reverse weight strap is narrower than a standard wide strap, allowing for more stability and easier range of motion when using the dumbbell. Straps come in a great variety of weights and colors, making them a great piece of workout equipment for both home and gym use.

Finally, there are exercise balls or floor mats for added weight lifting incentive. Exercise balls are very small and handy, and provide a great weight lifting, stability training, and muscle strengthening alternative to free weights. They are great for home use, and are easy to find at your local sporting goods store. Floor mats are used for general weight lifting, stability training, or for light cardiovascular workouts, and are available at just about any retail store. The equipment is designed to encourage proper form and maximize exercise, and are a great investment in your home gym.

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